Tuesday, June 11, 2019


How long should a home inspection take on a normal home in Land o Lakes and Wesley Chapel?  

A great home inspection on a normal home should only take 2-3 hours at the most. If it takes longer, it is not a better inspection.  It only means your inspector is inexperienced or unorganized. And you don't want that.  A really experienced inspector will know what to look for by the age of the home and also sometimes the community it is in. Builder problems make themselves known in neighborhoods to experienced inspectors.

For example the inspectors should start outside around 8:00 AM, inspect the roof and outside of the house, sprinkler system, then come inside and turn on all the appliances, check the lights, outlets, check plumbing for leaks and proper drainage, a/c and heat, windows and doors, go up in the attic and look around at the roof, wiring, insulation, trusses, tie-downs, and be done by 10:00- 10:30 AM.

Today they have handheld electronic devices to enter all their findings, and pictures on in a program that will print, when they are done with the inspection, instead of filling out a paper checklist.  This is designed to save your time.

You should be at the home inspection to be able to see any problems that are found, also so that the
inspector can tell you about the systems in your home.

One important question a buyer should ask after 'how much do you charge' for the home inspection, and before hiring a home inspector is - Can you do my home inspection in 3 hours or less?  And why not?  

We all know it will take a little longer if it is a huge house or there are detached buildings, spas and pools that must also be inspected.  

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