Tuesday, April 30, 2019


First, let’s understand who the buyers are in the Land o Lakes/ Wesley Chapel, FL market… and what they want, which is the essence of marketing,
and so important in selling your home.  Give them just what they want, and they will be happy to pay the price for it. 

What do they want?  These days the buyers are all expecting to buy a nice home… clean, uncluttered with lots of storage, nice landscaping, with updated appliances, and nice features.  They don’t want to have to do anything to it, except move right in. 
Who are they?  According to the NAR 40% of home buyers are first-time home buyers today.  First-time home buyers have been living in apartments, or rental homes, usually managed by property managers.  They have been prepared and maintained for them, and they are used to that certain level of maintenance and condition.  All they have to do is just move their furniture and possessions into a new apartment.  They are already clean and everything is in working order, usually updated with the latest appliances and features.  This is what they are used to and this is what they are looking to buy.  A large percent of the rest of the buyers are move up buyers and want something better than they have now. Some of the rest are downsizing buyers and want something smaller but nicer than what they have now.   And there are relocating buyers who are going to a lot of trouble moving from far away, and really would like something nice.  The one thing they all have in common is they want something nice and move-in ready.

The buying process is a process of elimination.  If your home is not up to these standards, it will be eliminated within the first 10 seconds.  You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
These buyer are  pre-approved for their financing, and getting automatic emails from their Realtors with the new listings, so they are ready to move fast when something good shows up.  This is why

the pictures are so important. What are they looking at in those auto-emails? The pictures.

Also, in most cases, the buyers know they are paying a higher price than this time last year, and they want to get something for that.  The better prepared homes will sell almost immediately and at a higher price, most times with multiple offer which can make them sell for more than the asking price.  This alone should be a good incentive for the seller to prepare the home before putting it on the market.  This is a competition, and your home should be the best it could be.
Now that we know who our buyer is, and what he wants we can better understand what we have to do to prepare your home for this market. So what should you do to prepare your home?  Each home is different and the only way to know is to have an experienced Real Estate Professional who specializes in this approach help you.  She knows what buyers are looking for, and she can help you do it without wasting your money on things that don’t work, or may even be detrimental.  Along with professional photography,  massive Internet marketing, and a lot of experience, staging will get your home sold FAST AND FOR MORE. Buyers will be happy to pay more for your home.

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