Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10 Things you can do to get your home ready to SELL in the Spring/Summer!

To get the most for your home, and have it sell quickly, like most things, timing and preparation is key! Here are a few of my favorite tricks for maximum profits you can do now if you plan to SELL in the Summer.  Call me for more.
1) Clean = Green.  The cleaner the more money you will get.  Clean out closets and cabinets.  (A fresh coat of flossy white paint inside will make them look brand new.)  Use organizer baskets inside, which are usually on sale in February. (They will make it easier when you move too.)  Give away, sell, or donate unwanted items. Clean grout in showers and tubs.  If needed, remove and replace grout in corners. Make it white.  You can have your floor tile & grout steam cleaned if needed.  Make your kitchen and bathrooms shine.
2) Fresh Paint is very attractive to buyers.  Not in every room necessarily.  Foyers, Master Suites, Kitchens and Bathrooms are the most important.  Warm but neutral shades are nice for foyers, kitchen, family rooms, and soft restful hues for the bedrooms and bathrooms. (Semi-gloss in the baths and kitchen – looks clean and shiny, flat everywhere else – softens, and hides imperfections in surfaces.)
3) Let the sunshine in.  Clean the inside of your windows, sills, blinds, wash curtains and drapes. 
Keep your draperies/curtains and blinds open during the day.
4) Clean out the refrigerator and freezer.  Clean oven.
5) Look for white sales  and freshen up the look of your bedrooms and bathrooms
6) Trim Trees and Shrubs.  Take advantage of the mild Florida weather in Spring, and trim your trees and shrubs.
8) Pressure wash exterior of your home, your vinyl fences, patios, walkways and driveways. Clean outside of windows. 
7) Add some new mulch and a few flowers that will bloom in the Summer.
9) Spread some Grass seeds to green up your lawn. You will have the prettiest lawn in the neighborhood. (Keep the seeds wet for 10 days.)
10) Call me for a free in home consultation to discuss how to address your specific needs, so you can maximize your profits.  I can also help you stage your home for maximum affect.  And I have reasonably priced vendors I can recommend that paint, pressure wash, clean, etc. I also will provide free Professional HD Photography with Virtual Tour and Massive Internet Advertising for all my listings. You should use my many years of experience to help you realize your plans and goals.  Call me.  Also, visit www.FlipMyHomeRealEstate.com

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


1)You probably have a relationship with your bank or credit union.  They want your business, and they will take the best care of you. You will get the best customer services there.
2)You will get a better interest rate from your bank or credit union, than a mortgage broker.
3)You will pay less closing costs with your bank or credit union too as compared to a mortgage broker.
4)A pre-approval letter from a bank or credit union says to the seller and his agent, that you are a smart buyer, and you have good credit. Mortgage brokers are for people who need help getting financing... maybe their credit is not the best, and they don't mind paying a little more closing costs and interest to get the financing they need.
5) Your bank or credit union wants to have a lasting relationship with you, and they won't play games, or tell you half the truth.  You can trust them.

It is best to go to your Bank or Credit Union first for your financing needs.  If you need a recommendation, I have a couple of good ones with low closing costs and low interest rates. Get your pre-approval letter when you are ready to look at houses, and then call me, text or email me to go see what great deals we can find.  813-714-9737  deesmith@deesmith.com
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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


How long should a home inspection take on a normal home in Land o Lakes and Wesley Chapel?  

A great home inspection on a normal home should only take 2-3 hours at the most. If it takes longer, it is not a better inspection.  It only means your inspector is inexperienced or unorganized. And you don't want that.  A really experienced inspector will know what to look for by the age of the home and also sometimes the community it is in. Builder problems make themselves known in neighborhoods to experienced inspectors.

For example the inspectors should start outside around 8:00 AM, inspect the roof and outside of the house, sprinkler system, then come inside and turn on all the appliances, check the lights, outlets, check plumbing for leaks and proper drainage, a/c and heat, windows and doors, go up in the attic and look around at the roof, wiring, insulation, trusses, tie-downs, and be done by 10:00- 10:30 AM.

Today they have handheld electronic devices to enter all their findings, and pictures on in a program that will print, when they are done with the inspection, instead of filling out a paper checklist.  This is designed to save your time.

You should be at the home inspection to be able to see any problems that are found, also so that the
inspector can tell you about the systems in your home.

One important question a buyer should ask after 'how much do you charge' for the home inspection, and before hiring a home inspector is - Can you do my home inspection in 3 hours or less?  And why not?  

We all know it will take a little longer if it is a huge house or there are detached buildings, spas and pools that must also be inspected.  

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Do you have a Plane Jane house? Add some drama with these proven tips that are sure to work and find all the hidden $$$ in your home.

1)      Clean = Green – This is the truest of statements that is proven time after time.  The cleaner your home is the more $$$ you will get for it.  Pressure clean your driveway and walk ways, the front of the house and fence and anything you can see from the street.  Find lots-a $$$ with this tip!

2)      Get some attention – You can change the front of your house.  One quick-trick is to paint just the trim a complimentary color, if your home doesn’t need an entire paint job.  Paint the fence in the front if it needs it.  Another quick-trick is to paint just the front of the house and/or the front door.  Red is a good front door color that will bring good fortune to your family.  When painting to sell, always ask your Real Estate Professional to help you pick the color and shade or hue.  Look around your neighborhood for good paint colors.  To find more $$$ don’t waste your $$$ where it’s not needed.

    3)      More attention - Get new house numbers or paint them a complimentary color that will stand out.  Get a new mailbox or paint it. You can add planters, window boxes, architectural features, or brightly colored flowers and mulch. Maybe add a water feature if you have room near your front door.  Big front porch? Is there room for a bench? Rocking chairs? A colorful potted plant?  Always ask your Real Estate Professional before wasting money on something that may not bring you more $$$.

4)      Tired lawn?  Sod it! - Nothing like a beautiful lush green front lawn to make the buyers come running.  Well worth the $$$.

5)      Don’t hide your face – Don’t block the architectural features of the front of your home with over grown bushes and low hanging tree limbs. Trim bushes so you can see windows and other architectural features, and trim trees so you can walk under them at least and better yet high enough to see the roof line from the street.  Trim the limbs that hang over that roof while you’re at it, and get the leaves off the roof.  More money!

6)      Lights, Camera, Action – Light up the outside with low voltage lights on sidewalks and in the landscaping, and spot lights on ornamentals.  Nothing adds more drama.  Have your Real Estate Professional get high definition twilight pictures taken for the MLS and Internet Marketing.  Now you are finding lots more $$$.  Quick-trick -Leave those lights on until bedtime for drive-by buyers. 

These may cost you $Hundreds but bring you $Thousands.  Be sure to first consult with your Real Estate Professional so you don’t waste your money on improvements that won’t bring you more money.  Call me when you are ready and I will help you find more money in your home. A penny saved is a penny earned and a bargain is not measured by what you pay, but by what you get in return. DeeSmith@DeeSmith.com  or www.DeeSmithSellsHomes.com   or My Cell 813-714-9737 talk or text.  
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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Staging is the most helpful real estate strategy to get a quick sale and the highest offers. 
To do it right and to get the best results everything must be staged from the front yard, all throughout the house to the backyard.  Pressure cleaning walks, porches, lanais and drives, fences, mulch and landscaping, fresh paint,  neutral colors with splashes of color in the accessories, furniture placement for an easy flow and to make the rooms seem larger, lovely smells, good sounds, and a perfect temperature inside all fit the bill.  
Do not put the house on the market until it is perfectly staged and the pictures are taken. 
Price it right. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  There are buyers just waiting for homes to come on the market in Land o Lakes and Wesley Chapel.  
When a good one hits, there is a frenzy of activity.  The listing hits the MLS with gorgeous pictures and a virtual tour, then just stand back and watch.  
If you can "WOW!" them, they will be hooked.  You will probably generate multiple offers and the highest price the market will bear. 

Maybe you need some help with repairs, to get the most for your home. Visit www.FlipMyHouseRealEstate.com

Not sure where to start? Call me. I am really good at this. 813-714-9737 or email deesmith@deesmith.com and visit www.DeeSmithSellsHomes.com or www.LandoLakesRealEstateAgent.com

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


There are many things that you can do before you put your home on the market that will bring in the 'big bucks'. 

There are also many things you can do that will actually make the value of your home diminish.   Your real estate professional can help you determine what is going to bring you more money and what is a bad idea.   Asking first will definitely save you money, and actually put more money in your pocket at the closing table.

Painting the living room is a good idea. Painting it aqua or orange - is not.  Neutral colored walls are the best bet when applying a fresh coat of paint.  
Waiting until your home is vacant to put it on the market may sound good to you, but unless your furniture is really out of style or ragged, this is not a good idea.  Buyers need to see correct furniture placement to appreciate the space they are looking at.  
Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is very expensive and you need resale guidance with your choices before you sink a lot of money into these ideas.  You may not recover any of it.  
“Pretty color” counter-tops are a hard sale, and so is plaid wallpaper. 

It is a good bet that shining up kitchens and bathrooms, pressure cleaning walks and drives, painting over those “pretty color” with a neutral color, and de-cluttering, though they are quite inexpensive, will bring you quite a bang for your buck.  
Also, trimming trees and bushes and adding new mulch and some pretty flowers will bring many times more than they cost. 

Don’t waste your money before you talk to your Realtor.  Let her help you decide what to do, what not to do, and help save you lots of money.  Call or Text me.  I am really good at that. 

Maybe you need some help with repairs, to get the most for your home. Visit www.FlipMyHouseRealEstate.com

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Every market is different in every area of the country.  In the Land o Lakes/Wesley Chapel area of
Florida we have a market where the buyers seem to only be interested in "Move in Ready Homes".   There are plenty of homes on the market that are not move in ready, out dated, in need of repair, cluttered, dirty, over priced.  They are sitting for month after month. 
As soon as a NICE home comes on the market there is a frenzy of activity and there are multiple offers and offers above asking price. Why? 
They are 'Move in Ready'.  The buyers are watching the new listings that come on the market and they are acting fast.  It is a competition to get one of these NICE homes secured with a purchase contract.
Therefore, if you are going to catch a buyer - you gotta use the right bait! Make you home 'Move in Ready'.
De-clutter, clean, paint, update, repair, and price it right and you will sell it quick. If your home has been sitting on the market. Take it off temporarily, get it right and put it back on the market with new pictures and it will sell... quick.

Maybe you need some help with repairs, to get the most for your home. Visit www.FlipMyHouseRealEstate.com

For more information on successfully selling a home in the Land o Lakes/Wesley Chapel, FL market please contact me at 813-714-9737 or you can visit my website for more information.  www.DeeSmithSellsHomes.com