Tuesday, January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's 9 Ways to Get Organized in 2019

Being organized makes your life easier, your work go faster, your home more relaxing.  Here are 9 things you can try.
1 It always starts the night before.  Make a list of what
you want to accomplish tomorrow.  Sleep on it.
2 Make your bed as soon as you crawl out of it.
3 Get dressed right away, even if you work from home, it is your day off, or you are a busy stay at home mom. You will get more accomplished if you are up and dressed.
4 Clean the dishes after each meal.  Don't let them sit.  It is easier and faster when the food isn't dry and hard.  Whether you feel like it or you dont, you don't have time, whatever you think is a good reason.   Just do it!  Wipe off the counters too.  Make a clean kitchen a priority.  Last thing at night turn on the dishwasher. First thing in the morning unload it.
5 Take out the trash every day whether it needs it or not.  Pick up trash around the house or office when you see it. Put it in the can.
6 Make laundry easy.  Everyone has a laundry basket in their room. Everyone picks up all laundry off floor at night before going to bed and before leaving for school.  After laundry is done and folded everyone puts their laundry away in the drawers, closets not just stacked in your room.
7 Pick up.  Wherever you go, pick up.  If you're going to the kitchen, pick up empty glasses, cans, trash.  If you're going to the bedrooms pick up toys, etc.  Get in the habit.
8 Read mag and news when they come in, and throw them away.  Don't let them stack up.
9 If it's broken or you don't use it, get rid of it .

Get in the habit of doing these things and you will be very organized and happy in 2019.  If you have kids, make a game out of it.  Give them points they can later trade for things they like to do.

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