Friday, October 11, 2013


1 Interest Rates - We are seeing rates move downward for the 3rd straight week. That is a good thing.

2 FHA - is shut down for mortgages, so you can’t get a case number to start the process and order the appraisal.  This is also causing delays in closing with loans that are already in process. Not good.

3 VA - is also shut down for mortgages.  Not good.

4 Income and identity verification - For any mortgage there must be Social Security verification as well as one year IRS taxes verified by 4506T forms from the IRS. IRS is shut down so that is not going to happen. Not good.

5 Uncertainty is making some homeowners delay putting their home on the market and some buyers unsure of making an offer on a house right now.

So even though the interest rates are going down, there will be challenges with completing the mortgage process, until the shutdown is over.  Meanwhile there are fewer homes going on the market and fewer buyers making offers.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wesley Chapel, FL - Buying a New Home?

Buying a new home?
Make sure you register your Realtor at the New Home Builders when you go.
There are many benefits, such as incentives they give to the Realtors for their buyers, knowledge of re-sale value on different builders, areas, lots, plans, etc., new communities that are opening in the area, and more.
Buyers who use their Realtor when dealing with the New Home Builders make better decisions and are happier with their choices after the sale. Also, it doesn’t cost you anything to keep your Realtor/advisor as a part of your New Home Buying Experience. The commission that is paid to the Realtor is not a negotiable part of the price of the home. In other words, you pay for a Realtor whether you use one, or not. So why not have that wealth of knowledge your Realtor has on your side.
Always rely heavily on your Realtors’ knowledge of the area, if you are moving from another area. Make sure you have a quality Realtor you are working with. Always discuss everything with them before making a decision.

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