Tuesday, January 15, 2019


1)      Call your Realtor for customized advice before you start.  These suggestions are general in nature and are meant to be used as a guide-line, however, customized advice will get you more for your home.  You should start working on preparing your home about a month before you put it on the market.  If you have a good, experienced Realtor, your Realtor can give you specific advice for your home.

2)      Curb appeal.  Work on the outside of your home first.  Some things outside such as new landscaping just look better a few weeks after you do them.  Do not waste your time and money doing things you don’t need to do or doing the wrong thing, before you get your customized advice.  Contact your Realtor first. You will be so proud of your home when you are finished.

3)      De-cluttering.   Everything in your home is going to have to be packed up and moved or disposed of in a very short time, so let’s get the bulk of it done now.  Go through every closet and throw away, give away, or sell everything you do not want to move, leaving only the things you are going to move.  You may want to put them in baskets on your closet shelves for a nice organized look.  Note:  We will be staging your home with your own things before we take the professional pictures for the virtual tour and the internet advertising, so don’t sell the furniture yet.

4)      Fix everything.  You know the things you have been putting off fixing.  Get it done by a professional.  Believe me, it will cost way more if it is not fixed or if it is done wrong.  Your Realtor can help you find the obvious things.  A home inspection is a good idea to find the hidden problems, such as roof problems, a/c problems, plumbing and electrical.  Get it all fixed before listing. Get your a/c serviced.  These are all good selling points.

5)      Paint.  A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the appearance of your home to a buyer and making it move-in-ready.  Always select light, neutral colors. Your Realtor will help you with that.  It is way better to paint neutral and bring in color with your accessories.

6)      Clean.  Clean equals Green.  The more Clean, the more Green.   Concentrate on the Kitchen and Bathrooms.  Make them shine.  Windex works well on most surfaces, cutting grease and leaving a shine.  Scrub those corners.  Clean grout in showers and tub corners WHITE! If you cannot clean it, dig it out with a small sharp knife and re-caulk the area white.  Have carpets cleaned and if necessary replaced.  Most Realtors have a deal with a carpet resource to get carpets replaced at a very reasonable price to sell a home.

7)      Freshen up.  REPLACE your welcome mat, couch pillows, and bed throw pillows, bedspread and window curtains, table cloth and kitchen towels, shower curtains and guest towels with something that is up to date. Pack up, give away or throw away that old stuff.  You are going to be so proud of those beautiful professional HD pictures and HD virtual tour all over the Internet when you are listed.

These are all generalized suggestions, and most of them don’t cost much money.  Some elbow grease and a little work and you will put Thousands of dollars of equity in your home.  For your customized list of things to do please contact me and I will be glad to help you get ready and put more equity into your home before wesell it.

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