Tuesday, April 9, 2019


What makes a home sell for more?  The same floor plan in the same neighborhood with the same size lot and same amenities. Why does one sell for more than the other?  This may sound like a
mystery, but let’s look closer.
What are the buyers looking for today?  Find what they want and give it to them.  Isn’t this the essence of sales?  Take fishing for an example, when you go fishing you use bait you know the fish like.  So you give the buyers what they like… but what do they like?  Knowing what is trending in your market is very important.  Do you think home preparation and Staging will help?  Information and Pictures? 

Second, you fish where the fish are.  Where are the buyers today?  Well, 95% of today’s buyers say they started their search on the Internet.  Do you think massive internet marketing to over 500 Internet search sites would be effective?

There are more cash buyers in the market today than there have been in years… But what do they want, and how do you find them?  You need to find a Realtor who understands today’s trends and marketing techniques, what the buyers like and where to find them. This Realtor will more than pay for her services by getting you that much more for your home. 

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