Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Buying and Selling in Land o Lakes or Wesley Chapel or surounding areas?

With inventory so low this is a very good question and should be considered way before you enter the real estate market.  As an experienced Real Estate Agent, I can tell you this is the first question I usually hear from my local move-up or downsizing clients.  And it is not an easy question to answer, but I have a few very good strategies for this problem depending on your specific situation.  But no matter your situation, I can help you find your success.
In the best scenario, you should buy a home and then sell yours to avoid being homeless. In the very best case you can buy with cash, but most times this is not the case.  This means 2 mortgages until you sell, this can be stressful, but with the proper preparation, marketing, and pricing this should not take long.  And in some cases a mortgage on a second home is not an option.
If, as in most cases, your finances don’t allow you to hold two mortgages, there are other strategies. One is to sell your home and live in temporary housing until you find a home.  This is not the best because you may tend to buy something you are not exactly in love with to get out of the temporary housing.  Or you may find yourself in temporary housing for a very long time.
A better way, and my favorite is to work toward a simultaneous closing which means you buy a house and sell your own house on the very same day. How in the world can you do that? 
Very carefully with great planning and experience.  My clients have been able to take advantage of this method successfully many times.  First, we must plan it.  Work the plan. And finally execute.  Keep our eyes on the goal and don’t give up.  We prepare the home, stage it, have beautiful High Def pictures taken, then actively search with high priority until the home is identified that the buyer wants.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes to find the home to buy. Then, when we do, I negotiate terms that will allow us to sell the buyer’s home and close on the new home on the same day. 
Immediately put the home that is prepared, staged, and photographed on the market at the right price, my marketing system goes into action, and voila! It is sold within a few days, because the market is working in our favor in this stage, and the date for closing is scheduled with the buyers and their sellers.  
Now this is only an outline of how it should go in order to let you know there is a way, and of course there is a lot more to it, that I cannot put into this short article. The key to this success is experience.  I have successfully done this multiple times, learned what to do, and how to do it, and I can do the same for you.  But don’t take my word for it, please check out my testimonials at www.DeeSmith.com and if you are interested in more, contact me.   DeeSmith@DeeSmith.com 813-714-9737
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