Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Every market is different in every area of the country.  In the Land o Lakes/Wesley Chapel area of
Florida we have a market where the buyers seem to only be interested in "Move in Ready Homes".   There are plenty of homes on the market that are not move in ready, out dated, in need of repair, cluttered, dirty, over priced.  They are sitting for month after month. 
As soon as a NICE home comes on the market there is a frenzy of activity and there are multiple offers and offers above asking price. Why? 
They are 'Move in Ready'.  The buyers are watching the new listings that come on the market and they are acting fast.  It is a competition to get one of these NICE homes secured with a purchase contract.
Therefore, if you are going to catch a buyer - you gotta use the right bait! Make you home 'Move in Ready'.
De-clutter, clean, paint, update, repair, and price it right and you will sell it quick. If your home has been sitting on the market. Take it off temporarily, get it right and put it back on the market with new pictures and it will sell... quick.

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For more information on successfully selling a home in the Land o Lakes/Wesley Chapel, FL market please contact me at 813-714-9737 or you can visit my website for more information.  www.DeeSmithSellsHomes.com


1)    PLUG HOLES IN YOUR BUDGET.  Make your own coffee and take it with you, and make your lunch. Save on Gas- carpool, bicycle or walk; Electricity-turn off lights and fans when you leave the room, turn down the thermostat, put your water heater on a timer, put your computer, printer, etc. on a power strip and turn it off at night. You wont turn it on until you return from work the next day; Meals – make your own, don’t buy food in boxes, cans or bags, buy fresh vegetables, fruits and meat, buy store brands, clip coupons whenever possible, don’t buy junk food; Entertainment - rent the movie instead of going to the movie, have friends over (BYOB -bring your own drinks and a snack to share) to watch the game, play cards and board games instead of going out to clubs, and bring the kids to save on babysitting; etc..

2)    SELL SOMETHING.  Clean out your garage, attic, storage unit. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. CraigsList.com, ebay.com, bookoo.com, etc. can help you sell your treasures. Look for consignment shops in your area to help you. Have a yard sale.

3)    GET A SECOND JOB.  At Christmas time stores hire temporary help, and at tax season many tax prep businesses hire temporary help.  Start a Concierge, Put up and take down holiday decorations, Mow lawns. Trim trees, Rake leaves. Handyman service, shopping service, Baby Sitting, Elder Sitting (best to take a class in CPR), Dog Walking, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Cleaning houses, and so on.  Get creative.

4)    SAVE. Determine an amount (20%) to put into savings every paycheck and don’t deviate. Put in all the money from selling things, and all extra money from saving on your budget, and all the money from your second job.  No matter what, don’t take anything out of savings until you have your 10% down payment money.  It won't take long.

THEN CONTACT ME. You are welcome!!!   Now you are ready to buy a home. Contact me when you are ready and we will find your perfect home.  Bonus:  You now know how to save for new furniture, vacations, etc., anything you want in the future.

FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.DeeSmithSellsHomess.com and www.LandoLakesRealEstateAgent.com