Tuesday, December 11, 2018


So you are thinking of buying a new home in Land o Lakes and Wesley Chapel, Florida.  Here are a few things to consider:

1 EVERYTHING IS NEW in a new home – You can pick out your colors  and upgrades of your carpet, flooring, kitchen and baths. With older homes you could renovate to get your newer features.

2 New homes are priced 10% to 20% higher – August 2017 figures show the same size older home could cost 10-20% less, leaving you plenty of money for renovation.
3 FINANCING is usually easier on new homes because they have lenders they work hand in hand with.  With older homes there may be appraisal issues which could cause the price to be lowered or add to your out of pocket expenses.
4 HURRICANE & ENERGY EFFICIENCY – all the new features - windows, Energy Star appliances, new HVAC Systems, Insulation. Hurricane features are included with the new homes. Once again you could renovate to get these features over time.
5 LOT SIZE – We all know the lots keep getting smaller with the newer homes.  Many older homes have large lots.
6 COMMUTE TIME – the newer homes are being built farther out.  Older homes are usually closer in.
7 AMENITIES – newer neighborhoods have all the amenities, but they come with higher fees. Older homes sometimes have county parks nearby, and usually have lower or no fees.
8 INSURANCE ISSUES – New homes come with features that lower your insurance rates.  You can still get some discounts on your insurance on older homes.
9 CHARM – Many older homes have the charm that is not built into the newer homes.
10 WAITING FOR NEW BUILD – Waiting for a new home to be built can be frustrating but also the anticipation can be fun.
There are pros and cons for new homes and older homes. If you have more questions please contact me. I am happy to help you with these questions
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