Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Since the recent lawsuit settlement between the 5 major banks(Ally, Bank of America, Chase, CitiBank, Wells Fargo) and the government (Federal as well as 49 states), the major banks have indicated that they plan to go forward more quickly with foreclosures on borrowers who are behind on their payments. However, the settlement states they cannot foreclose on you AND attempt to do a short sale or loan modification AT THE SAME TIME. If you are behind on your mortgage, you need to contact a Short Sale Specialist and get your home on the market ASAP to avoid a foreclosure, or start a loan modification.
WHY NOT JUST LET IT GO? Foreclosure has a great adverse effects on your future credit, and many other aspects… forever! Foreclosure can affect your present job security as well as future job opportunities, insurance rates, and future credit opportunities. With a Foreclosure you are still reponsible for the balance of your mortgage not paid off by the bank's sale of your home, and they can come after you for that balance for years to come, even garnish your wages. Foreclosure never goes away. Short sales usually go away in a matter of months.
Your Short Sale Specialist can secure a satisfaction of mortgage, so there is no future wage garnishment. We have helped many families put this nightmare behind them and move on with their lives. http:www.DeeSmith.com click on Testimonials
NOT BEHIND ON PAYMENTS AND NEED TO MOVE. You don't want to ruin your credit. A short Sale Specialist can most times manage a short sale without getting you behind on your payments, thereby not damaging your credit. Consult with a Short Sale Specialist to see if your mortgage qualifies.
LIFE AFTER SHORT SALES. You can then go on to buy another home within a few months after their short sale closes. Short Sale Specialists have resources to help you get your credit back in shape, and go on with your life.
SHORT SALE FLIPS? THEY ARE ILLEGAL. Beware of anyone who approaches you and says they will buy your property and short sale it. IT IS A SCAM! Do not sign a power of attorney. Do not sign over your deed to anyone. Do not sign a contract to sell to someone who will then find a buyer before you close. You can lose your home and still be financially responsible for the entire mortgage balance.

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