Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It is always a good idea to get a home warranty when buying a home, whether it is offered by the seller or if you pay for it yourself.  There are many home warranty companies, and they all pretty much work the same way and cover some of the same things.  They usually run for one year at a time and you can renew them each year.  They cover electrical problems, plumbing, HVAC, as well as your kitchen appliances and water heaters.   Refrigerators as well as washer and dryers, pool equipment, and some other items are covered under additional coverage.  The warranty usually costs between $365 - $450 and additional coverage varies.  It is good to read the coverage before purchasing it so you will know what is covered or what to get additional coverage for.  These are insurance policies so there is usually a deductible of about $60-75 that must be paid for each incident.

When you consider that the coverage usually includes replacement if the item is not repairable, it is a good safety net against the high price of replacement of most things covered.   
If you are buying a home with the old central air system that uses Freon, you should definitely get a home warranty because if it goes out, most of them will replace it with the new system.  This alone will save you $5000-7000.  Coverage on plumbers and electricians and/or repair and replacement costs of appliances could save you hundreds even thousands.   When you use this prospective you should never buy a home without a home warranty.  It will bring you peace of mind so you can enjoy your new home.

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