Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Do you have a Plane Jane house? Add some drama with these proven tips that are sure to work and find all the hidden $$$ in your home.

1)      Clean = Green – This is the truest of statements that is proven time after time.  The cleaner your home is the more $$$ you will get for it.  Pressure clean your driveway and walk ways, the front of the house and fence and anything you can see from the street.  Find lots-a $$$ with this tip!

2)      Get some attention – You can change the front of your house.  One quick-trick is to paint just the trim a complimentary color, if your home doesn’t need an entire paint job.  Paint the fence in the front if it needs it.  Another quick-trick is to paint just the front of the house and/or the front door.  Red is a good front door color that will bring good fortune to your family.  When painting to sell, always ask your Real Estate Professional to help you pick the color and shade or hue.  Look around your neighborhood for good paint colors.  To find more $$$ don’t waste your $$$ where it’s not needed.

    3)      More attention - Get new house numbers or paint them a complimentary color that will stand out.  Get a new mailbox or paint it. You can add planters, window boxes, architectural features, or brightly colored flowers and mulch. Maybe add a water feature if you have room near your front door.  Big front porch? Is there room for a bench? Rocking chairs? A colorful potted plant?  Always ask your Real Estate Professional before wasting money on something that may not bring you more $$$.

4)      Tired lawn?  Sod it! - Nothing like a beautiful lush green front lawn to make the buyers come running.  Well worth the $$$.

5)      Don’t hide your face – Don’t block the architectural features of the front of your home with over grown bushes and low hanging tree limbs. Trim bushes so you can see windows and other architectural features, and trim trees so you can walk under them at least and better yet high enough to see the roof line from the street.  Trim the limbs that hang over that roof while you’re at it, and get the leaves off the roof.  More money!

6)      Lights, Camera, Action – Light up the outside with low voltage lights on sidewalks and in the landscaping, and spot lights on ornamentals.  Nothing adds more drama.  Have your Real Estate Professional get high definition twilight pictures taken for the MLS and Internet Marketing.  Now you are finding lots more $$$.  Quick-trick -Leave those lights on until bedtime for drive-by buyers. 

These may cost you $Hundreds but bring you $Thousands.  Be sure to first consult with your Real Estate Professional so you don’t waste your money on improvements that won’t bring you more money.  Call me when you are ready and I will help you find more money in your home. A penny saved is a penny earned and a bargain is not measured by what you pay, but by what you get in return. DeeSmith@DeeSmith.com  or www.DeeSmithSellsHomes.com   or My Cell 813-714-9737 talk or text.  
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